The best way to contact Murray is via email

The comments section below each post is perfect for, well, comments about a post.

Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Keybase are also available. And highly unlikely to get my attention.

I cannot promise to respond to every question or comment, but I do read everything.

Things That Will Never Receive a Response

  • Requests to link to your commercial site - I chose my links on my own, commercial kick backs don’t happen. Ever.
  • Requests to link to your irrelevant site - I chose my links on my own, they need to contribute to my content.
  • Requests to add content - I chose what content I add, suggestions for additional content are (almost) always unwelcome.
  • Requests to make guest posts - I am the sole author of this blog, there are no guest posts or contributing authors. Ever.
  • Requests to improve my search ranking - I really don’t care that much about search rankings.
  • Spam and other commercial material - I have no need of commercial kick backs. Don’t bother offering.